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System Status

27-Nov-11 ~ Anemometer now replaced with a brand new one, hopefully no more problems with wind speed.
17-Apr-12 ~ Rainfall gauge replaced with a new one, the old one was falling apart. Resolution still 0.5mm.
05-Oct-12 ~ Anemometer woking intermittently since 01-Oct-12, will investigate soon. Resolved.
11-Mar-13 ~ Anemometer working intermittently again, not sure what the problem is, it might have to be replaced.
01-Apr-13 ~ Replaced the Oregon Scientific anemometer with an Inspeed Vortex anemometer.
23-Sep-15 ~ Replaced PC with a new one after failure. The computer was off-line for a few days so there is data missing from 17th to 23rd Sept 2015 and some other data for the month is corrupted.
11-Jul-17 ~ Rain gauge is faulty and not recording any rainfall.
12-Jul-17 ~ Hopefully fixed raingauge issue, but no rain recorded for 11/12 July 2017.
23-Jul-17 ~ Raingauge faulty again and has failed permanently. No rainfall will be recorded at the moment.
31-Jul-17 ~ Weather station completely replaced by a brand new Davis Vantage Pro 2, hopefully it will last for many years to come.
28-Oct-17 ~ Added a Davis solar sensor to the setup.

Data Files
Latest update time as of
15-Dec-18 10:54:17 GMT
WD Realtime data
15-Dec-18 10:53:59 GMT
WD Main data
15-Dec-18 10:50:10 GMT

Computer uptime
10 Days 16 Hours 11 Minutes 46 Seconds

Weather Display started
18:49:21 04/12/2018
Weather Display version 10.37S build 84

Data Packets Received

VP ISS Battery

VP Console Battery
4.7 V

VP Reception Quality

Misc Readings    
Solar 39 W/m2 21 % of max.
Indoor Sensor 16.3 °C 54 %

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